Happy Canada Day!

As Canada celebrates a birthday, Out of the Red celebrates one year of business!

One year ago as of July 1, I went from being an employee to being self-employed.

It was exciting to finally take control and focus on the things I enjoyed as an employee.  Fill my time working doing the things I enjoyed from working at KD Wray Professional Corporation.  I took with me the knowledge I had learned after six years with an amazing boss and incredible co-workers.  I started out with basic bookkeeping skills and learned so much more than that.

Canada Day celebrations remind me of why I was able to venture out on my own.  I have the freedom to make my own decisions, to earn a living in the best way I can and a way that I feel will make a difference.  I live in this wonderful country and enjoy the opportunities and freedom that many precious lives have given me.  I enjoy the benefits of this country, the resources and talent everyday – and yet today, I stop to think how these wonderful blessings came about.

Many soldiers have put themselves on the line for me and my family – not knowing what their sacrifices would give me.  Many families continue to support their loved ones as they are called to service, called to support missions in other countries that put their loved ones in danger – not knowing the true extent of their sacrifices.  The sacrifices are not forgotten, each time that maple leaf flies, I am grateful.  When ‘O Canada’ is played, I sing along proudly and fight tears for the immense pride I feels as a Canadian.

Thank you doesn’t seem like enough for everything I have experienced, cherished and loved being a Canadian -but I offer it humbly as I continue to grow and prosper in a nation that values freedom enough to put help others in the fight to attain it.


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