When you follow your passion, you make a difference – up until today, I thought that meant doing something grand with a vision and being a philanthropist.

After spending some time with Eve from Nottawasaga Futures working on ideas for marketing Out of the Red she stopped me to comment on how I light up when discussing why I am doing this and what I have to offer.  She actually used the word passionate (imagine that, about bookkeeping/accounting?!).  I was momentarily stunned and on the drive home from my time with her I realized that being passionate doesn’t mean I have to be a philanthropist.  Being passionate means having powerful feelings about something – and I have that about working with small businesses.

Being passionate means I am putting my best forward, putting myself out there to make a difference and help someone along the way.  As a Bookkeeper Extraordinaire I am passionate about giving peace of mind to business owners, so they know what is going on.  I am passionate about being timely in filing remittances with the government.  I am passionate about making a small business owners life a little easier by giving them more time to do what THEY feel passionate about.

Whatever it is that you do – be passionate about it.  Have very strong, intense feelings for it and why you do it.  This is key to succeeding and to keep moving forward.

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